Şerban Cioculescu
Șerban Cioculescu
(b. 7 September 1902, Bucharest - d. 25 June 1988, Bucharest) was a Romanian literary critic, historian and academician noted, among others, for his contributions to criticism on Caragiale. His first volume was Corespondența dintre I.L. Caragiale și Paul Zarifopol (1935). He was a collaborator of the revues and magazines Facla literară, Adevărul, Revista Fundațiilor Regale, Kalende, Viața, Curentul literar, Ecoul, România liberă, Ramuri etc. In the period after 1960, he co-authored (with, among others, Vladimir Streinu) a history of Romanian literature released by the publishing house of the Romanian Academy.

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