Adrian urmanov 02

Photo: Elena Vlădăreanu

Adrian Urmanov
(pen name of Leonard-Daniel Aldea/Părintele Serafim; b. 2 Octomber 1979, Ploiești) is a contemporary Romanian poet, considered an important figure of the 2000s generation and the founder of the movement called Utilitarism. He published 4 volumes of poetry: cărnurile cannonice (2001), poeme utilitare (2003), schelet (2004) and sushi (2005) - first three bundled in the anthology literatura de consum (2005). He has also appeared in the anthology Generația 2000 (Marin Mincu, 2004) and several other anthologies in English. In 2004 he became a Christian Orthodox monk, but has continued to write and sometimes publish; thanks to a Master in Creative Writing done in Warwick, UK, he has done at the Râșca monastery a series of creative writing lessons frequented by Diana Geacăr, Hose Pablo, Livia Roșca, Andra Rotaru, Gabi Eftimie, Cosmina Moroșan and several other poets who were edited in the two anthologies literatură potențială ("potential literature").

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