Anghel Dumbrăveanu
(b. 21 November 1933, Dobroteasa, Olt - d. 12 May 2013) was a Romanian poet associated with the 1960's generation, one of the first to be published in the collection Luceafărul and a close friend of Nichita Stănescu. He was editor in chief of the magazines Scrisul bănățean (later renamed Orizont) and Rostirea românească. An anthology, Iarna imperială, was released in 1986 in the collection Biblioteca pentru toți. He received several awards from the Romanian Writers' Union, of which he was a member. Translations in German of his poems appeared in the 1994 anthology Streiflicht – Eine Auswahl zeitgenössischer rumänischer Lyrik (81 rumänische Autoren -- Christian W. Schenk).

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