Pauzaderespiratie 1991

Andrei Bodiu, Simona Popescu, Caius Dobrescu, Marius Oprea, Breathe Brake

Brașov School
or Brașov Group (in Romanian: Grupul/Școala de la Brașov) was a literary group active especially in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Usually associated with this school are the co-authors of the volume Pauză de respirație. There were also other writers who frequented at the time Cenaclul 19.

Alexandru Mușina associated with this term all those who frequented the creative writing workshops held by him and other teachers of the Transilvania University in Brașov. Most of them were published at Mușina's publishing house, Aula (and received rather lukewarm reception from critics such as Paul Cernat)[1].

Writers associated with Brașov group/schoolEdit

Other writers

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