Dimitrie Anghel - Foto02
D. Anghel
(full name: Dimitrie Anghel; b. July 16, 1872 in Corneşti, Iaşi - November 13, 1914) was a Romanian poet associated with symbolism. He was nicknamed "the poet of flowers".

His first poem was published in Contemporanul (1890). His debut book Traduceri din Paul Verlaine ("Translations from Paul Verlaine") was published in 1903 and in 1905 he published a volume of his works - În grădină ("In the Garden"). In 1909, it was followed by Fantazii ("Fantasies"). Notable poems, many of which were in collaboration with Ștefan Octavian Iosif include Legenda funigeilor (dramatic poem, 1907), Cometa (comedy, 1908), Caleidoscopul lui A. Mirea (1908), Carmen saeculare (historical poem, 1909), published in 1910, Cireşul lui Lucullus (proză). Around 1911 later in life he developed an interest in prose and published Povestea celor necăjiţi (1911), Fantome (1911), Oglinda fermecată (1912), Triumful vieţii (1912) and Steluţa (1913).

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