446px-Emil brumaru

Emil Brumaru (2005, photo by Victor Jalbă)

Emil Brumaru
(born on 25 December 1939, Bahmutea, Bessarabia) is a contemporary Romanian writer and poet. He is considered one of the most important contemporary Romanian poets, having received several awards (among which the National Poetry Award "Mihai Eminescu" in 2001 and an Excelence Award for his entire career at the "George Bacovia" Festival in 2005). He's also one of the most best-selling among the contemporary poets, particularly with the 2005 volume Submarinul erotic (The Erotic Submarine), which sold more than 3,000 copies. Also, some of his poems were translated in English, French and German.


  • Versuri (Stanzas), 1970
  • Detectivul Arthur (Detective Arthur), 1970
  • Julien Ospitalierul (Julien the Hospitable), 1974
  • Cântece naive (Naive Songs), 1976
  • Adio, Robinson Crusoe (Adios, Robinson Crusoe), 1978
  • Dulapul îndrăgostit (Enamoured Cupboard), 1980
  • Ruina unui samovar (The Ruin of a Samovar), 1983
  • Dintr-o scorbură de morcov (From the Hollow of a Carrot), 1998
  • Poeme alese (Selected Poems), 2003
  • Opera poetică (2 vol., 2003, 3 vol., 2006) (Poetic Works)
  • Fluturii din pandişpan (The Butterflies from the Cake), 2003 (second edition: 2008)
  • Poezii (carte la borcan) (Poems. Jarbook), 2003
  • Cerşetorul de cafea (Coffee Beggar), 2004 (prose)
  • Submarinul erotic (Erotic Submarine), 2005
  • Infernala comedie (Infernal Comedy), 2005
  • Dumnezeu se uită la noi cu binoclul (God Looks at Us With a Binocular), 2006 (prose)
  • O brumă de paiete şi confetti (Spangle and Confetti Dust), collaboration with Șerban Foarță, 2007
  • Cântece de adolescent (Teen Songs), 2007
  • Povestea boiernaşului de ţară şi a fecioarei... (The Story of the Country Page and of the Virgin...), 2008
  • Ne logodim cu un inel din iarbă (We Betroth With a Grass Ring), 2008
  • Basmul Prințesei Repede-Repede. O poveste pentru adulți (The Fairytale of the Quick-Quick Princess. A Story for Adults), 2009 (co-written with Veronica D. Niculescu, illustrated by Mircia Dumitrescu)
  • Opere I. Julien Ospitalierul (Works I. Julien the Hospitable), 2009
  • Opere II. Submarinul erotic (Works II. Erotic Submarine), 2009
  • Opere III. Cerşetorul de cafea (Works III. Coffee Beggar), 2012 (prose)
  • Rezervația de îngeri (Angel Reservation), 2013


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