468px-Gheorghe craciun

Photo by Victor Jalbă

Gheorghe Crăciun (May 8, 1950 – January 30, 2007) was a Romanian writer and translator. Crăciun was born in Tohanu Vechi, now part of Zărneşti, Braşov County. In addition to being a novelist and a translator, he was also a literary theorist. He graduated from a highschool in Sighişoara, and later studied at the Philology Department of the University of Bucharest. From 1990 he taught at the Department of Literature of Braşov University. In 2002 he received a doctorate in literature from Bucharest University for his thesis on Transitivity in Modernist and Post-Modernist Romanian Poetry. He is considered an important author of the 1980s generation in Romanian literature.

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