Gheorghe Iova
(b. 29 February 1950, Găgăeni, Săhăteni, Buzău) is a contemporary Romanian poet, short story writer and essayist associated with textualism and the group Noii. His first texts were published in 1983 (the collective volume Desant '83 coordinated by Ovid S. Crohmălniceanu) and 1984 (the collective volume Nouă poeți). Only in 1992 (with the volume texteiova) he managed to debut individually, but some of his texts are dated as early as the first half of the 1970's. His volumes of poetry were gathered in the anthology Călare pe mușcătură. Some of his texts were also included in anthologies such as Competiția continuă. Generația 80 în texte teoretice (1994), Generația 80 în proza scurtă (1998), Poezia română actuală (1998), Romanian Poets of the 80s and 90s (1999) etc. He is a member of ASPRO and Romanian Writers' Union and currently works at the Romanian Literature Museum in Bucharest.

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