Gheorghe Tomozei perioada redactor la Cinema foto Mihailopol-

Gheorghe Tomozei, 1960s. (Photo: Mihailopol)

Gheorghe Tomozei
(n. 29 April 1936, Bucharest, d. 31 March 1997, Bucharest) was a Romanian poet, essayist, journalist and editor associated with the transition from socialist realism to the neomodernism of 1960's generation. He is noted for his neoromanticist love poems and for his biography of Mihai Eminescu (entitled after one of Eminescu's poems, Miradoniz). These continue to be his most popular works, and not his mannerist poems, style that he slowly developed after 1970.

He graduated the Mihai Eminescu Literature School and was an editor of the magazines Cinema, Tânărul scriitor and, later, Argeș, in whose collection he edited poets such as Emil Brumaru.

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