Grigore Alexandrescu

1985 stamp with potrait of Alexandrescu

Grigore Alexandrescu
(February 22, 1810, Târgovişte – November 25, 1885) in Bucharest was a nineteenth-century Romanian poet and translator noted for his fables with political undertones.

Of a noble family, he participated in secret revolutionary societies. In his fables his political and social views were often reflected satirically and ironically often on the uneasiness of living under the Russian protectorate. His works such as Tombs at Drăgăşani were particularly nationalist and patriotic in nature.

He founded a periodical, Albina Româneascǎ. Alexandrescu wrote Poezii (1832, 1838, 1839) and Meditaţii (1863), many of which were fables, satires and meditations influenced by French literature.

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