Photo: Dorin Tudoran

Ilie Constantin
(b. 16 February 1939, Bucharest) is a Romanian poet, novelist, essayist and translator. He is one of the last surviving members of the 1960's generation. His debut volume, Vântul cutreieră apele, was prefaced by Al. Philippide and was released in 1960 in the same time with the volumes of Nichita Stănescu and Cezar Baltag. As socialist realism is no longer compulsory, Ilie Constantin is among the poets that contribute to the development of neomodernism. The following volumes of this period benefit from the influence of Romanian and Italian ermeticism (he also translated Montale in Romanian).

He chosen auto-exile in 1973 and, in the following decades, lived in France, where he continued publishing books. He received in 2002 the National Poetry Award Mihai Eminescu "Opera Omnia".

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