Ioan Budai-Deleanu (b. 6 January 1760 or 1763, Cigmău, Hunedoara - d. 24 August 1820, Liov) was a writer, linguist, historian and jurist, associated with the Transylvanian School (Școala Ardeleană). He is the author of the epic poem in two versions (published a century after they were written) Țiganiada (Tabăra țiganilor - The Gypsy Camp), a serious parody of the classic Greek epic poems different from everything written at that point in Romanian literature and which features intricate metatextuality and intertextuality that made it influential among the writers of Postmodernism - most notably Mircea Cărtărescu, whose postmodernist epic poem Levantul is in itself a homage to Țiganiada.