MihaiUrsachi PoetiLaureati

Cover of the anthology Marea înfățișare (2011)

Mihai Ursachi
(b. 17 February 1941, Băile Struga, Iași - d. 10 March 2004) was a Romanian poet and translator. After having attempted to cross the border by swimming in the Danube in the 1960's (attempt which led to a brief period of jail), he managed to leave the country in 1981. Between 1981 and 1990, until he returned, he was a professor in the U.S.A. After a brief period in which he was the director of the Vasile Alecsandri Theatre in Iași, he spent his time teaching; he was also a secretary of Romanian Writers' Union.

Most of his books were published in the 1970's. His poetry was highly acclaimed by some critics, but he achieved more popularity after receiving in 1991 the then-recently founded Mihai Eminescu National Poetry Award - "Opera Omnia". His poems were reprinted in several anthologies before and after his death.

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