Mihail Gălățanu
(b. 11 September 1963, Galați) is a contemporary Romanian poet, novelist and essayist, member of the Romanian Writers' Union. He was a member of the literary circle Universitas, led by Mircea Martin. He published in 1983 a series of poems in SLAST (with a foreword by Alex. Ștefănescu). His debut volume was the 1987 book Știri despre mine ("News About Me").

The 2001 volume O noapte cu Patria ("A Night [in Bed] with the Country") was reported by a few Romanians from North America as "pornographic and anti-Romanian"; as a consequence, Gălățanu faced legal issues, but the critics Nicolae Manolescu and Alex. Ștefănescu contributed with arguments to his bail. Another volume was accused later of being anti-Christian.[1]

He has published more than 15 volumes of poetry, 2 novels and a book of essays. Some of his poems were translated in 8 languages.

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