Dansociu pavornocturn

Dan Sociu, Pavor nocturn (front cover)

is a term used frequently in discussions about contemporary poetry (and sometimes prose), but rarely used in a coherent way. Sometimes it refers to poems consisting of prosaic notations (see Barthes' Writing degree zero) or a minimal amount of words/stylistic devices, other times it refers to a poetic with minimal emotion (instead: use of epic and "filming") and in which the subject tends to be reduced to "flesh and bones". Some critics may take into account all these meanings, but the term, in any case, is not precise. Dan Sociu, Adrian Urmanov, Denisa Mirena Pișcu, Dana Catona, m. duțescu, Vlad Moldovan, Andrei Dósa, Bogdan Coșa, Alex Văsieș are only a few examples of poets who were described as "minimalists" for a reason or another. From the previous generations, the likes of Constantin Abăluță, Vasile Petre Fati, Ovidiu HotinceanuRomulus Bucur, Bogdan Ghiu, Elena Ștefoi, Andrei Bodiu or the German-Romanian poets from Vînt potrivit pînă la tare were also described as such.

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