Mugurgrosu 1998 indiansummer fotoLaviniaHanachiuc

Mugur Grosu posing in 1998 in front of his artwork Indian Summer (Photo: Lavinia Hanachiuc)

Mugur Grosu
(n. 11 February 1973, Constanța) is a contemporary Romanian poet, artist and journalist. One of the members of ASALT Association and the Kiustendje Brotherhood in the early 2000's, he was involved in many literary and artistic events, including performances, installations and collaborations with jazz musician Harry Tavitian. His first poems were published in 1990 in Tomis (where he later became an editor) and in the 1999 collective volume Starea de plasmă. His debut volume was released in 2001 with the title Haltera cu zurgălăi ("Weights With Sleigh Bells"), preceded by the e-book Tu nu, frumusețe! ("Not You, Honey!"). One of his "sms poems" was included in the anthology Generația 2000 by Marin Mincu.

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