Alexandrumiran moarteapenelopei

The Death of Penelope (a volume by Alexandru Miran)

was not exactly a movement in Romanian literature, but rather a (usually stylistic) term used in different ways and different periods. Early poets such as Costache Conachi were described as such for their use of the influence of Anacreon. Grigore Alexandrescu and his fables and satires were often connected with the writers of French neoclassicism. An element that is usually associated with neoclassicism - the use of strict, fixed poetry forms (such as the sonnet) - was identified at Eminescu, Macedonski and others (though in some cases, such as that of Macedonski, it should be rather considered an influence of parnassianism). Ion Pillat and G. Călinescu were also described as such, though they interfere with traditionalism, baroque/mannerism etc. There were only a few postwar poets such as Alexandru Miran, Ion Brad or Romea Cantemir that made consistent use of these elements (though each of them in a different way).

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