Nichita Danilov
(born April 7, 1952 in Mușenița Climăuți village, Suceava County) is a contemporary Romanian poet, short story writer and essayist. He served as the acting ambassador of Romania to Moldova in 1999.

Danilov graduated from the Architecture College and the Faculty of Economics in Iași. He made his debut in the Dialog literary review with a selection of poems.

Danilov's poems can also be found in the Anthology of Romanian Poets edited by Laurențiu Ulici, Anthology of the Poetry of the Generation of the 80s, edited by Alexandru Mușina, Anthology of Romanian Poetry from Its Origins to the Present Time, edited by Dumitru Chioaru and Radu Văcărescu, The Romanian Writers' Dictionary, edited by the Romanian Academy, Contemporary Poetry, edited by Marin Mincu a.s.o. Some of his poems have been translated in other languages and published in several anthologies or literary magazines, or example Hungary, USA, Great Britain, Czechoslovakia, Spain, France, Latvia. Adam J. Sorkin, Sean Cotter, Brenda Walker, Elena Loghinovski, Maria Dinescu, Leons Briedis, Emanoil Marcu, Lidia Nasinek are some translators that have translated his poems.  He is editor-in-chief of the bilingual (Romanian-Russian) literary magazine Kitej-grad and the main manager of the Iaşi Cultural House. He also works as a journalist for Ziarul de Iaşi. He is also a member of the Romanian Writers' Union (since 1980), a COPYRO member, and also a European PEN Club member.

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