Aldulescu radu

Photo: Cartea Românească/Polirom

Radu Aldulescu
(b. 29 June 1954, Bucharest) is a contemporary Romanian novelist. He has also written the scenario of the award-winning film Terminus Paradis (directed by Lucian Pintilie). The novel Amantul Colivăresei was translated in French.


  • Sonata pentru acordeon (Sonata for Accordion), Albatros Publishing House, Bucharest, 1993 (Romanian Writers' Union Award for Debut)
  • Amantul Colivăresei (The Lover of the Alms Maker), Nemira Publishing House, 1996 (second edition, Cartea Românească, 2006)
  • Îngerul încălecat (The Rouncy Angel), Phoenix Publishing House, 1997 (second edition, Cartea Românească, 2011)
  • Istoria eroilor unui ținut de verdeață și răcoare (The Story of the Heroes of a Land of Grass and Chill), Nemira Publishing House, 1998 (second edition, Cartea Românească, 2007)
  • Proorocii Ierusalimului (The Prophets of Jerusalem), Editura Publicațiilor pentru Străinătate, 2004 (second edition, Corint Publishing House, 2006; third edition, Cartea Românească, 2009; fourth edition, Polirom, 2012)
  • Mirii nemuririi (The Grooms of Immortality), Cartea Românească, 2006
  • Ana Maria și îngerii (Ana Maria and the Angels), Cartea Românească, 2010
  • Cronicile genocidului (The Chronicles of the Genocide), Cartea Românească, 2012


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