Romulus Vulpescu
(b. 5 April 1933, Oradea - d. 18 September 2012, Bucharest) was a Romanian poet, prose writer, translator, editor and politican, wife of the popular prose writer Ileana Vulpescu. He was noted for his translations of François Villon, Rabelais, Alfred Jarry, Charles d'Orléans etc.

He worked at numerous institutions: as an editor of ESPLA, the state publishing house (1955-1960) and of Editura pentru Literatură Universală (1961-64), of the magazine Luceafărul (1964-65), as a secretary of the Barbu Delavrancea Theatre (1967-69), as a museologist at the Museum of Romanian Literature (1970-73), as a secretary of Romanian Writers' Union (1973-89), as a director of Teatrul Mic (1990-91).

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