Vînt potrivit pînă la tare (cover of 2012 edition)

Vînt potrivit pînă la tare (in English: Medium to Strong Wind) is an anthology of German-Romanian poets translated in Romanian by Ioan Mușlea and selected by Peter Motzan. The first edition was printed at Kriterion (the publishing house specialised at the time in minorities' books) in 1982 and it initally contained 12 poets, but before it was printed the censorship removed 2 of them (Klaus Hensel and Werner Söllner) who were now exiled. Peter Motzan signed the afterword and the foreword was signed by the critic Mircea Iorgulescu. Ion Bogdan Lefter has done the second edition (2012, Tracus Arte Publishing House).

The book received at the time positive reviews from Mariana Marin (who even considered it the "editorial event of the year"), Matei Vișniec, Mircea Cărtărescu, Dan Petrescu (with a text deleted by censorship, but recovered in the 2012 edition of this anthology), Ioan Buduca, Traian T. Coșovei, Elena Ștefoi, Liviu Antonesei, Nicolae Prelipceanu, Ion Bogdan Lefter himself and not only. However, in time, the book had only some appeal in the underground. Even some of the initial positive reviewers, who had noticed the similarities between the German-Romanians postmodernists and their Bucharest-based counterparts, were reluctant to appreciate their shockingly direct aesthetic, in contrast with the sophisticated textualism and the over-the-top "baroque" shade of poets such as Mircea Cărtărescu. The book was, however, influential in the long term. The contemporary poet V. Leac cites it in one of his poems and also writes a text about it in Poesis Internațional (in an issue dedicated to influential anthologies of poetry).

The anthology is entitled after one of Rolf Bossert's poems included here.

Second edition also includes a series of texts related to the Aktionsgruppe Banat, translated by Emanuel Ulubeanu.

Selected poetsEdit

Included in the second edition:Edit

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