Victorfelea ritualsolitar

Cover of the volume Ritual solitar

Victor Felea
(b. 24 May 1923 - d. 28 March 1993) was a poet, essayist, and literary critic from Cluj, a longtime collaborator of the magazines Tribuna and Steaua.

Born in the commune Muntele Băişorii (Cluj County), he was the son of Greek Catholic priest Toader Felea and his wife Marie. He graduated from the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy at the University of Cluj (1948; now part of Babeş-Bolyai University), and took the posts of literary reviewer' at the National Theatre Cluj (1949–1950), editor at Almanahul literar and later at Steaua (1949–1970); he was adjunct editor-in-chief of the magazine Tribuna (1970–1985). He was a member of the Romanian Writers' Union.

His first published book was the volume of verse Murmurul străzii ("The Murmur of the Streets", 1955). He published in the majority of Romania's literary magazines (Contemporanul, Gazeta literară, Cronica, Orizont, România literară, etc.) and was awarded the Steaua Literary Magazine Award (1968), the Writers' Union Award (1971, 1983), and the Association of Writers of Cluj-Napoca Award (1975, 1979). His work as a poetry critic is distinguished by the extreme generosity of his reviews and criticism.

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