Virgil carianopol
Virgil Carianopol
(b. 29 March 1908, Caracal - d. 6 April 1984) was a Romanian poet. Between 1956 and 1963 he was one of the numerous intellectuals that fell victims of political prison.

Carianopol was one of the main poets of the small avant-garde circle Vraja (with a revue and a publishing house), that kept a somewhat close contact with the unu group. Although, especially in the second half of the 1930's, Carianopol would attract a bad reputation among avant-garde circles, he was influenced by Ilarie Voronca. His second book was named virgil carianopol and was published in 1933 at Vraja publishing house; his third book (Un ocean o frunte în exil, 1934) was published at Sașa Pană's unu publishing house.

As he started to collaborate at Viața literară (led by George Murnu) and several other "mainstream" literary magazines, he becomes a successful poet in traditionalist circles. His earlier imagism remains an influence though; it has been said that his style could be described as "surrealist traditionalism". His postwar volumes were sometimes described as "neoclassicist".

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